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What is this project all about?

This is a true story of how farsighted and dedicated individuals -- parents, educators, public health advocates, and food system reformers – unite to change how children eat, how they learn in school, and how to restore healthy food systems in a climate-changing world.

What happens when a community, in the name of their children’s health and well-being, moves from anger to action to transform their neglected school lunch program?

Since the 1990s, a diverse group of Berkeley, California parents decided to change the system because it wasn’t working for children. They’ve gotten kids into the gardens and into the kitchens. They’ve changed the school food, and they’re making education and nutrition policy history.

What is open space documentary?

"Never again will a single story be told as if it were the only one."

Expanding the boundaries of documentary, Lunch Love Community is what we call our open space documentary project. We offer a mosaic-like suite of short films to watch and share in an evolving media “open space.” We integrate social media, shareable films, tools and resources for users of all kinds – parents, educators, food professionals, nutrition advocates and policy makers – and you.


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Who are the co-creators + co-producers?

It has taken the citizens of Berkeley more than a decade to change the way children learn about food, gardening and receive healthy and nutritious from-scratch meals in the public schools. Community advocates and food professionals have worked with educators through struggle and controversy to realize this vision and make it operational.

In that spirit, filmmakers Helen De Michiel and Sophie Constantinou are co-creating and testing this new form of documentary and distribution. Our intention is to open up a space for personal reflection, further dialogue with others, and inspire action for change.

Helen De Michiel Sophie Constantinou

Helen De MichielSophie Constantinou

Project Funders

California Council for the Humanities

The Berkeley FILM Fund

San Francisco Foundation

East Bay Community Foundation

A Kickstarter Project

National Endowment for the Arts

The Fledgling Fund
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30 Leaves Production, Citizen Film, Media Working Group